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Our work is based on three solid Corporate Values ​​centered on people, honesty and results.

The people that work with us are motivated and dedicated to achieve the best level of quality and service for the client, in a secure environment, with marked conscience and respect to the environment. The people represent our main resource. .

Honesty is considered our deepest value. It is the reason in which we all believe in our company and it is the way that we have achieved strength and credibility over the years, consistently showing to our clients and suppliers who can have full confidence in Discovery Energy Services, our processes, our personnel and our Executives.

The base of our growth and constant improvement consists of our determination to produce the best results, both for our clients and for our company, not only from the technical or operative point of view but also financially.


Our strategy... "There's always time to do it right"

Our main goal is the development of our people from their skills, through improved job skills at the service of the company and our clients, incorporating innovative and creative tools and elements that guarantee the best do and the sustained success of our projects.

The Productivity and Excellence Program of DISCOVERY ENERGY SERVICES is aims to improve the competitiveness of our organization based on our continued growth and based on the need to improve our productivity and perform with "excellence our work", DISCOVERY ENERGY SERVICES and the Management team promotes programs and training that strengthen our human talent, ensuring that our employees are empowered, be productive and competitive.

Our organizational goals are ambitious and involve an increase in historical levels of results, only with the continuous work of our helpers, strengthening their training and knowledge, and articulating properly the operating measures that impact the relationship with our clients, we move forward in our process to be the leader in the Oil Sector, ensuring adequate performance, effective, efficient and effective planning and the continuity and sustainability of the business.


Our people


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